Mar 22, 2014; Columbus, OH, USA; Columbus Crew forward Federico Higuain (10) dribbles the ball away from Philadelphia Union forward Sebastien Le Toux (11) in the second half of the game at Crew Stadium. The Columbus Crew beat the Philadelphia Union by the score of 2-1. Mandatory Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

MLS Power Rankings - Week 3

Real Salt Lake Slips a bit in this weeks standings after a rough draw over the weekend.

Another week of MLS action to over analyze has come and gone. Here is where we at Northbank see the league stacking up in our MLS Power Rankings:

Official MLS standings HERE

1. Houston Dynamo (Last Week: 1, BYE)
– Patrick: No reason to move these guys down. I didn’t see anything from around the league that gave me the impression that they aren’t the best team currently.

-Jake: Many would argue, as some have already, that TFC deserve to be in the first spot on any Power Ranking. I would argue that they are making their case, but I want to see more. Houston are putting on a clinic in the East right now, and have earned this spot.

2. Columbus Crew (Last Week: 3, Won 2-1 v PHI)
–  Patrick: This is a very dangerous team right now. Berhalter has found a bit of a new identity with the team and they are starting to click. They should be fun to watch.

– Jake: I honestly did not see this one coming. PHI are good and this win speaks to what is happening in Columbus right now. Big things could be in the works there.

3. Sporting Kansas City (Last Week: 3, Won 1-0 v SJ)
– Patrick: Like a lot of Sporting wins, it wasn’t pretty. But their win at home on short rest after the debacle in Mexico City was respectable.

– Jake: Beating San Jose isn’t easy, and this game was not pretty. But a win is a win.

4. Toronto FC (Last Week: 8, Won 1-0 v DC)
– Patrick: They haven’t really played anybody good this year when you look at it. However, they’re taking care of business. This week will be a great gauge of where they stand as they come to the RioT.

– Jake: Big game this weekend. TFC are making a lot of waves in the league, and the spotlight is pointed directly at them. I’m biased, but I cannot wait to see TFC and RSL this weekend. Should be incredibly terrifying for 90 minutes.

5. Real Salt Lake (Last Week: 2, Tie 1-1 v LA)
– Patrick: The drop isn’t so much because of the result but how the game played out. Without Joao Plata the offense looked lost. A win this weekend will put the worries to bed.

– Jake: The draw v LA was ugly. To bounce back this weekend would be huge. RSL will have to execute a well thought out defensive plan against Defoe and Company this week at the RioT. A win here would be a statement.

6. LA Galaxy (Last Week: 5, Tie 1-1 at RSL)
– Patrick: Robbie Keane was given a chance and took it. The team still doesn’t look like a typical LA team, but it’s early in the season. This knocked ranking has more to do with their poor performance in Tijuana than the draw in Sandy, Utah.

– Jake: They move down simply as other move up. It feels like a piece is missing here. Something that just isn’t quite coming together yet. Given who is on the team, frankly, we expect more.

7. FC Dallas (Last Week: 10, Won 3-1 v CHV)
– Patrick: They looked really comfortable against what was perceived to be a good Chivas side. I’m still hesitant to bump them too high, though, given how they started last season. Still, this team has potential to be very good.

– Jake: Good win with a good performance. Dallas are making a push and could be very good. Chivas looked very dangerous before this match, making the win that much more impressive.

8. Vancouver Whitecaps (Last Week: 9, Tie 0-0 at NE)
– Patrick: After opening the year with 4 goals and looking like an offensive juggernaut, this team now has 1 goal in their last 180 minutes. It’s early, so it shouldn’t be clicking, but it is slightly concerning.

– Jake: Oh, how the mighty have fallen. What happened to the team that everyone was so high on after week 1?

9. Philadelphia (Last Week: 7, Lost 1-2 at CLB)
– Patrick: This team ran into a very talented Columbus side and fought them pretty well. I think Philly, if they can find a good rhythm, will be a force in the East this year.

– Jake: You can see Philadelphia coming together little bit by little bit. There’s youth and potential there and I really think they will find it, the question is how long will it take. Have to start getting some results.

10. Chivas USA (Last Week: 4, Lost 1-3 at DAL)

– Patrick: Yeah, I rolled the dice on this team last week and got burned for it. Should have known with it being Chivas. They aren’t nearly as bad as last year, but they aren’t a top 5 team by any means.

– Jake: Still a good team hidden somewhere under that Chivas badge. You can see it in flashes and it will win them some games this year. They are not the Chivas of old, but they won’t challenge for a title this year.

11. Seattle (Last Week: 15, Won 2-0 at MTL)
– Patrick: A road win in this league is a hard thing to come by. It doesn’t matter who the opponent is. Montreal looks to be in shambles, but that doesn’t discount (too much) how well Seattle was playing. Note to Seattle: you might be better without Dempsey.

– Jake: Freakin Seattle. This is a team that I just don’t understand. Rosales seems to have been much more important than they gave him credit for. Let’s see them win a game against a top squad, then we’ll talk about how good they are.

12. Colorado (Last Week: 13, Won 2-0 v POR)
– Patrick: They’ve got 4 points off the top West and East teams from 2013. That’s a really nice accomplishment. These guys could have figured it out with Mastroeni. I hope not.

– Jake: I refuse to compliment them. Can’t and won’t do it. You can’t make me. Okay, they’re good. Excuse me while I go vomit.

13. New York Red Bulls (Last Week: 12, Tie 1-1 at CHI)
– Patrick: A decent road result against a Chicago team that hasn’t show us much doesn’t inspire too much confidence. Olave was lucky to stay on the pitch in this one and I think that would have swung the match. Not believing these guys are going to repeat their 2013 SS run.

– Jake: What happened to this team? I can’t believe that the moves they made this season really made them this much worse. Could the age of their big stars be starting to show?

14. Portland Timbers (Last Week: 11, Lost 0-2 at COL)
– Patrick: The shine is really coming off for the Timbers. I don’t like how their offense looks this year. Nagbe isn’t involved enough and it feels like they’re almost forcing it to Urruti and Fernandez.

– Jake: Ask Portland fans about how their team has played after a good year over the history of the club. Not well. They need to find some one to give a rhythm and meaning to their attack or they will lose a lot of games this year.

15. San Jose (Last Week: 14, Lost 0-1 at SKC)
– Patrick: The Goonies couldn’t make a cameo in Kansas City. Their midweek battle in Mexico was respectable but the way they showed up in KC was anything but. Sloppy and ugly soccer.

– Jake: Mid week hangover? They’ll bounce back. I’m still not sure what to think about this club this season. They’re the same old Goonies, but that may not get them that far in 2014.

16. Chicago (Last Week: 16, Tie 1-1 v NY)
– Patrick: I’m starting to believe more of what Jake has been saying about this team. They need something out there to get the offense clicking. They have tools around the field, but can’t get the final product.

– Jake: I really like Chicago, and I know why, but I want them to be better. Someone has to step up and drive the play on the field. The ball should go through this player to connect to the attack, and that WILL NOT be Larentowicz. Defensively they are strong, and the attack is fast and dynamic. Find a midfield and you have a team.

17. New England (Last Week: 18, Tie 0-0 v VAN)
– Patrick: What happened to this team? Remember how they were supposed to be this free-flowing offensive side? Second year talent is looking to be in a sophomore slump. It could be a long year for a side many were really high on before the season started.

– Jake: They are lost. The skill is there, and defensively they seem pretty good. But the attack look lost. Lots of work to do there this year.

18. Montreal (Last Week: 17, Lost 0-2 v SEA)
– Patrick: Losing at home, even if it wasn’t really their “home”, is just sad. They looked beat in every phase. I don’t think Di Vaio suddenly changes everything. Sure, it’ll make the offensive side of the ball have teeth, but their D is chaotic.

– Jake: Get more Italians. I think that will help.

19. DC United (Last Week 19, Lost 0-1 at TFC)
– Patrick: How long does Ben Olsen have a job at this rate? They spent loads of their CCL money on new talent but look to be just as untalented and bad.

– Jake: This is shocking and so frustrating. How did they beat RSL again? I think Ben still has a job for now, but there’s got to be some improvement here, and soon.


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