War of Words: RSL vs TFC

Here we go.  Please excuse me while I rant and ramble.

Real Salt Lake will play Toronto FC on the weekend. Seems that many of the players and coaches have taken an early start to a very important part of the match.

It’s called a ‘War of Words’ by most right now. Pop shots going back and forth from players, coaches, media, and fans. In an article today Toronto Sun reporter Kurtis Larson referenced Kyle Beckerman’s hair as MAYBE the only thing that he has Michael Bradley beat in.

Real Salt Lake’s Kyle Beckerman tops Michael Bradley in one category: Hair.

But even that’s debateable.

Mainly because TFC’s new Designated Player has none.

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Major League Soccer posted it’s own comparison earlier this week comparing the performance and statistical metrics of the two players in an attempt to determine which of the two players is “better”.   The conclusion?

Beckerman and Bradley are different types of players, and comparing the two is not an easy task. Saying who is “better” is really more a matter of opinion than fact, but there is little question that at this moment, Bradley is more important to his team than Beckerman.

Full article HERE

Very concise there, per the usual, from the league mouth piece.

Ryan Nelsen called for Saborio’s suspension after the Galaxy game claiming that the tackle made by the Real Salt Lake striker could have broken De La Garza’s leg. Uh huh.

Real Salt Lake players and coaches have had a response that can only be described as calculated, it seems, opting to use words like “disappointed” rather than to specifically call out a player or coach.

Then there’s Nat:

I think Bradley is a very similar player to Kyle Beckerman, except I think Kyle’s a better player…… (on ESPN700)

Well played sir.

So what’s the point of it all? Gamesmanship? Okay. I get that. Trying to get into the other teams head a bit before a big match can garner a certain psychological edge. But let me make one little statement about that.

Buy all the talent you want. Spend millions and millions of dollars over the off season. Buy into the idea that money does indeed buy championships here in the league. But run your mouth after 3 matches? You’ve got to be kidding me. You have been garbage since day one of your existence, and 3 games give you some kind of right to spout off? Hell, how have all the big name purchases you’ve made over the years worked out for you so far? How many coaches have you fired? Mind you that one of those was right after your last match at Rio Tinto. We get it. The league, the media, and many fans have a semi for what you’ve done over the off season and for the fact that you’re doing well so far in the season. WE’RE THREE DAMNED WEEKS INTO THE SEASON. Being the media darling will only get you so far in this league. When it comes down to it you’ve got one of the longest most unforgiving seasons in the world ahead of you. You have to earn the right to talk in this league. Flat out, you haven’t.

So please shut up.


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