Jason Kreis should return to Real Salt Lake

As all of you should know by now, Jason Kreis has been fired from his position as Head Coach of NYCFC. Many Real Salt Lake fans have called for him to come back, and they have good reason.

Last year, RSL underperformed, missing the playoffs for the first time in seven years. The team switched formations from the well polished Diamond formation to the 4-3-3 formation. Injuries plagued the team, forcing the team to use their third, and fourth string Centerbacks. The real problem in my opinion was the substitution patterns, starting lineups, and the formation change.

If RSL brought back Jason Kreis, the following would happen to improve the team:

FORMATION SWITCH: The team would likely return to the 4-4-2 diamond formation that worked well for years. We have one of the best midfields in the league, but we can currently have only three players playing at a time. With the lack of midfield on the field, the strikers need to play more defense than normal, wearing them out faster. Changing back to the diamond would let the strikers focus on their actual job.

BETTER RECORD: With most of his former team intact, Kreis could bring RSL back to the top of the league once more. RSL fans were spoiled, making the playoffs seven years in a row. Jason Kreis could jump-start another multi-year playoff run, possibly taking the team back to the MLS Cup for a third time in Real Salt Lake’s 11 year, soon to be 12 years of existence.

BRINGING BACK OLD PLAYERS: Jason can bring back old players that contributed quite a bit to the club. One example is Ned Grabavoy, who will be a Free Agent. Grabavoy spent five years as a member of Real Salt Lake before NYCFC drafted him in the Expansion draft. Another player they could bring back is Will Johnson.

Per Taylor Twellman, Will Johnson will not be in Portland Next Year. RSL’s midfield may be one of the strongest in the league, but it needs help, and either or both of these players would strengthen it even more. Both of these players played under Jason Kreis, so they both have a relationship with him. That relationship could bring one or both back.

SUBSTITUTION PATTERNS: Jeff Cassar hasn’t had the best substitutions patterns in his two years as RSL Head Coach. He’s put in defenders when he needed to put in strikers, he’s put in midfielders when he needs to put in strikers. Kreis knows who to substitute, and when he needs to substitute. Granted, it’s now Cassar’s third year as Head Coach, but most fans are tired of his substitution patterns and starting lineups.

Remember, this isn’t likely to happen, but we can all hope and dream for Jason Kreis’ return to the Rio Tinto Stadium sideline as Head Coach of Real Salt Lake.